Meet Miss Alex!


Alex VanVelkinburgh

Alex caught the horse bug when she was a little girl and never outgrew it! She’s always had a horse in the family and her favorite activity as a child was anything involving a horse. Alex recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Equine Science and has chosen to pursue a career with horses.

Alex has spent years riding horses out on the trails and was even a teaching assistant for the Packing and Outfitting class at Colorado State University. As a teaching assistant, she helped teach students how to pack gear on horses and mules and take care of stock in the backcountry.

Additionally, Alex has spent plenty of time in the arena schooling horses. Her favorite discipline is Western Pleasure. She owns a young 3 year-old colt which she learned to train herself and intends to show her in the coming years.

Alex is excited to be a part of Meadowbrook Ranch’s lesson program. She enjoys sharing her love of horses with young riders and teaching students everything there is to know about horses, “from the ground up”!